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Contemporary Primary Sources:

Locating contemporary primary sources is generally something that will happen as you do your research in secondary sources. Some good possibilities:

  • Current newspaper (see the newspaper library guide linked below)
  • Current government publications
  • Polling data
  • Interviews
  • Memoirs/autobiographies
  • first person narratives/reportage
  • data/statistics
  • *** Content *inside* of secondary sources, i.e. data or interviews. You need to cite these carefully, i.e. "..., quoted in O'English, Lorena, "how comics changed my life," Journal of Messy Offices, etc." If you have questins about this, talk with Prof. Barclay!


Primary Source Collections

The three databases below contain primary source materials, in addition to reference articles. To limit to primary sources, select the "Library" Tab when the database opens and under "Categories" on the left side of the screen, select "Media" and "Documents".

Resources for Legal Research


This library guide has been designed for students enrolled in Professor Barclay's WST/CES/SOC 300 course.

During the library sessions we explored the following topics:

  • Identifying primary sources related to a potential topic 
  • Identifying scholarly resources such as journal articles, books, and collections of essays.

 To access additional information on locating scholarly articles, please click on the tab above.

 For more information on primary sources, consult this special library guide from Yale University on Primary Sources.

Primary Sources

Historical Newspaper Collections

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