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Open Educational Resources (OERs): Tools for Affordable Learning: Affordable Learning Projects

This guide describes high-quality educational resources that can be used to decrease material costs for courses at WSU and in higher education more broadly.

Affordable Learning Projects

In 2016-2017, the WSU Provost's Office, Academic Outreach & Innovation, and WSU Libraries partnered to support faculty members who wanted to transition their courses to use open educational resources and other affordable materials. This page summarizes those projects as well as others that are known to WSU Libraries. The goal is to provide examples for other faculty members who may be interested in doing similar work. Prior to March 1, 2018, WSU faculty may also apply for an Affordable Learning Grant to conduct their own course redesigns.

Carrie Cuttler: PSYCH 312


Carrie Cuttler (WSU Department of Psychology) developed an open textbook for PSYCH 312: Research Methods in Psychology (3rd American edition). She developed her text from previous open editions by Rajiv Jhangiani (Kwantlen Polytechnic University), I-Chant Chiang (Quest University Canada), Paul C. Price, and Dana C. Leighton. Cuttler used Pressbooks to provide her students with access to this text.


Joy Egbert and Susan Skavdahl: TCH_LRN 445


For TCH_LRN 445, Joy Egbert and Susie Skavdahl developed and openly released a textbook previously published by Pearson in 2009: Supporting Learning with Technology: Essentials of Classroom Practice. Pearson released copyright, making the project possible. Egbert and Skavdahl added a Teacher Toolkit and Instructor's Guide and published the resulting open textbook, Methods of Education Technology: Principles, Practice, and Tools, using Pressbooks.


Kate Watts: ENGLISH 301


In 2016, Kate Watts adopted an existing open textbook, A Rhetoric of Literate Action, for use in ENGLISH 301. Professor Watts spoke about her project at an Open Education Panel in March 2018. 

Paul Verrell: BIO 102


As of 2018, Paul Verrell makes use of the open textbook, OpenStax Biology, in teaching BIO 102.

Alma Rocha: FINE ARTS 101

In summer 2017, Alma Rocha adopted the open textbook Art and Contemporary Critical Practice for use in FINE ARTS 101.

Scott Blasco: MUS 151


In summer 2017, Scott Blasco adopted an open textbook, Understanding Basic Music Theory, for use in MUS 151. 

Lee Daffin: PSYCH 328


Lee Daffin created an open textbook for PSYCH 328: Principles of Behavior Analysis and Modification. He vetted the text with students in fall 2017 and developed a new edition using the feedback that he received. The text is hosted in Pressbooks.

Myiah Hutchens


For COM 101, Myiah Hutchens developed an open textbook, COM 101 Testbook. She used Pressbooks to host the text but also integrated it into Perusall--a platform that allows students to annotate and respond to class texts. Because her text was openly licensed, Hutchens' students were able to annotate without paying a licensing fee. By encouraging students to annotate, Hutchens was able to enact some of the themes in her course--inviting students to actively participate in dynamics and communication strategies common to contemporary media. 

Babu John Mariadoss: MKTG 360


For MKTG 360, Babu John Mariadoss developed an open textbook, Core Principles of Marketing. This text combined portions of two open textbooks, Principles of Marketing and Introducing Marketing. The open licenses on both of these books enabled professor John Mariadoss to combine and adapt them for his course. He used Pressbooks to host the text and integrated an annotation collect student feedback



PHYSICS 101 on the Pullman campus makes use of an open textbook, OpenStax Physics. Find out more at the Introductory Physics Lab website. Professors Fred Gittes and Brian Collins also spoke about their use of OpenStax Physics in conjunction with Perusall as part of a Faculty-Led Workshop in November 2016.

HBM 280

In 2017, the faculty members teaching HBM 280 on all WSU campuses collaboratively identified open and licensed resources for use in their course. They borrowed portions of the open textbook Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality in BC and paired these excerpts with articles and other library-licensed materials, which they make available to students via Blackboard. Mark Beattie, Jennifer Sandstrom, Byron Marlowe, Florian Zach, and Ruiying Cai participated in the project. 

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