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Hist 111 : American History Since 1877

Your Family and Modern American History

Your family history likely includes some fascinating examples of persistence, struggle, and triumph. You might already know a little bit about your family background, or maybe you are just beginning to learn. There are likely relatives, still living today, who can share details of your family history and know oral family history that you might never have heard. A conversation with them might illuminate a piece of your past that informs your own life story.

Your family history is also informed by the historical processes that affected your relatives and ancestors - whether it be the circumstances of immigration, facing discrimination, choosing a career path, the effects of war, economic circumstances, or a host of other themes and issues. Regardless of which topic you choose, there are likely to be a good variety of both primary sources, and scholarly books and articles to inform your research and provide evidence for your thesis.

This library guide is designed to help you navigate some of the resources that might be helpful in identifying primary and secondary sources related to your family history assignment. Whether you have your family tree filled out, or are just beginning to learn about your past, this guide also includes links to potential genealogical research resources.


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